so for those interested, here’s the full story on our pup. the hubs and i have wanted a dog for a few years now, but the timing was never right. in seattle, it’s difficult to find a place that (you can afford) allows dogs.  and our biggest concern was space. above all else, we wanted a happy dog. one that we had enough time to love on, and had space to frolic. fast forward to last weekend…

after a little afternoon lunch and shiner bock ice cream from here, we walked across the street to look at pups from austin pets alive. there were some cuties, which sparked the conversation that we’ve had at least 30 times since we got to texas. “are we ready for a dog?” we decided to head to apa headquarters just to see what pups were hanging out looking for a good home. we met our lil’ one first. she was in an outside pen, chewing on a rawhide, in a plastic igloo. we almost walked right past her because she was so hidden, we thought it was an empty pen. first thing i spotted were these gigantic ears (imagine bat wings). we coaxed her out from the other side of the fence and she approached us timidly. then we got to take her on a walk, upon which we realized she had no idea how to use a leash. an hour later we were taking an application home to think it over. 30 minutes after that we were back at apa to see her again. then we found out that through the weekend, all pet adoptions were only $25. we stayed with this pup until closing, and finally decided that we were ready, and that she was definitely the one for us. we couldn’t pick her up until the next day, so we spent saturday morning puppy-proofing our house. around 1:30 we went back for an hour of detailed (and awesome) adoption counseling. apa knows their stuff and they have a vested interest in these animals; i highly recommend adopting from here.

our first stop was petco. then back to the casa to introduce our lil’ pup to her new home. the first day and a half we didn’t have a name for her, which was probably confusing. i just kept calling her pup. her foster family named her cindy brady…no need to explain why that name will just simply not do. we knew she’d come from bastrop, tx so we wanted her to have a country name, not too girly, not too refined, and easy to say.

introducing, ms. sadie mae.

age: 3 months

breed: pit bull terrier, labrador, retriever mix

best feature: adorable ears


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