cheers to pops

the picture above is my dad when he was about my age. i have a minor obsession with old pics of my parents. they’re just so awesome.

tonight we’re throwing a surprise birthday party for my dad. he turned 60 yesterday and boy does it look good on him. i’ve been running around like a madman trying to get all of the details together, but it’s finally shaping up.

for me, nothing is better than celebrating my loved ones, and my pops is most definitely loved. through thick and thin, he will always stick up for his family, and over the years he’s given me some pretty swell advice. i don’t know what i’d do without him. a dad is always the first man in a a girl’s life, and i must say i lucked out because my dad is a man of substance. a man who loves to sing to himself, will worship the texas longhorns til his last day, and who has always 100% been there for me.

what’s not to celebrate?

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