hilarious house happenings

our house is a hot mess right now.

here are things i’ve noticed in the last hour that are proof of our state of disarray:

a bottle of white wine in the fridge ghetto ‘corked’ with saran wrap

a blow up air mattress in the living room (no we don’t have house guests)

more clothes than blankets on the bed

more muddy paw prints than clean floor in our entire 650 sq. ft.

four whole peeled oranges in the fridge (from when i made these)

monday calls for some serious cleaning. hope y’all had a lovely weekend and stayed warm and dry in all the mucky weather.

One thought on “hilarious house happenings

  1. Well, we didn’t stay warm or dry. I saw the muddy paw prints on the wood floors & fell in love with their precious little creator. I’m pretty sure I contributed to the pile of clothes on the bed & sorry I didn’t help alleviate the wine problem! Nonetheless, we had a lovely weekend indeed and can’t wait to repay the hospitality! I know Lucie and Higgins can’t wait to welcome Sadie Mae into the family! :) xoxoo

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