two classes down!

so my first semester of graduate school is officially over. and it feels fantastic.

got to cross these bad boys off of my core curriculum requirement:

cnco 6351 – counseling skills & techniques

cnco 6352 – theories of counseling

this semester brought a lot of ups and downs as i awkwardly figured out how to be a student again, but i’m starting to get the hang of it. here are some of the highlights from the last 4 months:

:: my first counseling session :: which incited terror of epic proportions. i had no idea what i was doing, and i stumbled through the entire thing. talk about humbling. it really showed me how vulnerable both the client and the therapist are in a session, and revealed so much about myself and the qualities and hindrances that i bring to the therapist role.

:: my first apa style paper :: sheesh. i spent a week with my head buried in the apa manual (6th edition, with revisions!). after about five years of solely creative writing and poetry, it took me awhile to find my academic voice. (what do you mean i can’t submit a haiku about psychoanalytic theory!?)

:: the first peer review :: for my skills class we had to video tape three half hour counseling sessions and then show them to the class for peer critique and feedback. honestly i was more anxious about being seen as the client than the therapist. who wants all they bidnas out in front of twenty other people? not to mention, i abhor the sound of my voice. but i learned a lot. for starters, i fidget like a maniac. but the most important lesson i learned was that nobody’s perfect. the awkwardness, stumbling, fidgeting, and incessant “mm hmms” are all a part of the process.

now onto research (which i’m dreading), and human growth & development (so excited!)


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