making christmas

can you say decor on a budget? with travel plans, a new puppy, and low fundage we decided to forgo the christmas tree this year. however, austin put together this fantastic book tree for us which rivals last year’s yarn tree (we had just moved and had no furniture yet). the house feels so cozy right now!

honestly i’d always rather make than buy when it comes to the holidays. i’d have to say the homemade stockings are my favorite. made from vintage pillow cases and fabric from austin’s grandma. although making paper snowflakes can be quite therapeutic.

i still need to make little sadie a stocking, but by next year we’ll be settled and i plan on going all out.


One thought on “making christmas

  1. #1) I love your decorations and creativity… Homemade is the best!
    #2) I recognize a couple of those fabrics from Austin’s first quilt that I made! :)
    #3) I LOVE last year’s yarn tree with the pipe as the trunk… don’t think I ever saw that!
    #4) Can’t wait to see ya’ll… counting the days! xoxoo

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