home sweet home

last night was our first normal night back at home in our own bed. and boy was it nice. however i then awoke to the disaster state that is our house right now. laundry.dishes.wrapping paper.and luggage a plenty. ah well.

our holiday was wonderful and everything it should be. exhausting. hilarious. and filled with family. here are a few of the highlights from our trek which included, 36 family members, two states, two flights, and approximately twelve hours in the car.


i could go into how unique and fantastic each family christmas is, but who has the time to read all of that? for now, the highlights:

locklear family christmas: jim in a red flannel nightgown & the snow v. sadie feud.

day family christmas: my new christmas jammies & the blue bayou encore at the hootenanny.

hyslop family christmas: matching hoodies! and the pups all getting along. and seeing tony romo.

our lil’ christmas: the zilker tree. thoughtful and fantastic gifts.

miller family christmas: tex-mex delights. my dad’s famous margs. and a rousing game of sorry.

4 thoughts on “home sweet home

  1. You did a great job of succintly describing each Christmas. I love all of your pictures. I am so glad that you and Austin got to come and celebrate Christmas with us (and so grateful you didn’t run screaming after spending Christmas with us). I am looking forward to following your blog and your adventures with Austin and Sadie. Hopefully, it won’t be so long before we see y’all again. Happy New Years to you, Austin, and Sadie. Love, the Gollehers

  2. Thanks for putting up with the hectic travels and schedules to accommodate all of us. We love you both all the more for it! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
    p.s. I think Fran is already working on the matching Cowgirl stocking for 2013! :)

  3. Get used to the red flannel gown, my sister. And be glad there were pants under it this year. So great to see you and Austin and meet Sadie! Cheers to a peaceful 2012 for you!

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