like most, new years tends to be a time of reflection for me. last night austin and i toasted to the best moments of 2011, and gave each other credit for making it through the worst moments as well. if i had to sum up the last year in a word, it would be perspective.

2011 gave me a new perspective on how i feel about family, my life, and what brings meaning to both of these things. i think we are definitely at a crossroads of defining who we want to be, at least for now, and boy what a perfect moment to get my bearings about me on what really matters. i’ve come to the conclusion that building a family* and loving and appreciating that family as best i can makes for a pretty respectable life. it may not always be glamourous, or trendy, or enough for others, but i’m beginning to find that its enough for me. and that’s not to say that i won’t endeavor to do more (i.e. publish a novel, somehow find a way to get paid for being crafty and/or witty, or being a world renowned food critic/photographer/therapist) but those things will just be icing on my deliciously splendid cake o’ life.

2011 has been one of, if not the toughest year of my life and for that, i say good riddance. however i’ve learned a lot about myself and those i love, and for that, i say thanks.

*for those of you reading this and thinking “ooh! does this mean babies?!” hold your horses. family for me is austin and i and how we’ve grown in love and life, together. it’s community and friendships, and of course lil’ sadie. who knows if that definition will change, i’m certainly open to it, but where and what we are is certainly enough for now. 
and speaking of our family, we tried to do a little portrait the other day, which was only mildly disastrous in the fact that not a single picture resulted in six eyes facing the camera, and three in focus smiles and/or snouts. but when i was clicking through them all on my computer, i had a realization: put all of the outtakes together, and hey, this is us in a nutshell. imperfect and wonderful.

so what’s the word for 2012?

em-bod-y :: verb :: to be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling)

it’s simple enough to say all of the things i want to be in life, but perhaps i’ll give it a go at actually putting my hopes into action. 2012 brings a new and more intentional me. here’s hoping that i can be more positive, and actively pursue life and my relationships.

i can certainly cheers to that.


One thought on “twentydozen

  1. Don’t worry… I saw the asterisk next to “building a family,” so I knew there was a disclaimer to follow! :)
    Grandma :):)

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