settle down

fantastic song. fantastic video.

i think a lot about redefining the idea of “settling down.” changing the picture of  having a dog, two kids, and a mortgage to austin and i doing whatever the heck we want. and who knows, that may be exactly what we want. but perhaps we’ll be that couple who rents downtown til their old and gray, or opens up a flower shop where sadie comes to work with us everyday, or adopts, or travels, or who knows what else. there certainly seems to be no settling there whatsoever. but for some reason, taking the less traditional route can seem so damn scary. maybe it’s because there just aren’t as many examples in life of happy people doing things differently.

i don’t think that just because you choose to commit yourself to your someone means that you stop being yourself, dreaming, and “put those days behind you” whatever those days may be. but that now you just have a companion that will dream alongside you, explore with you, be your partner in crime, and most certainly make mistakes with you. there is some comfort in the concept of settling down. it sounds safe and predictable. but that’s only because we’re all picturing the same ending. at the risk of sounding hokey, whatever path we take, i just want it to look like us. like our ending.

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