the skinny

so as evidenced by my complete lack of posting, i’ve been busy these last few weeks. for starters, i finally got a j.o.b. and adjusting to full time employment after seven months of teetering between temp jobs and unemployment is a tall order. also, classes started back up, so my free time is spent with my head in a book.


i have not given up on posting. let’s just say i’m going to scale things back a bit. so bear with me while i work to get my feet back under me.



now that we’ve agreed, here’s the plan stan. due to the popular demand of loved ones i’ve made the following goals: at least one style post a month. at least two fab recipe posts a month. and the obvious sprinkling in of life updates, nonsensical rants, and sharable inspiration. also, per the request of dear rob, i’ll finally add to my ‘stuff i love’ page, as he made the valid point that it’s no secret that i love my husband and my dog. touchĂ©.

get excited folks. it’s going to be epic average, if not enjoyable.


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