date one

date one: austin basically wowed my socks off by taking me to east side showroom aka my new favorite restaurant. think cabaret meets the french quarter.

i can’t say for sure if it was the assorted lamps and edison bulbs, the tasty libations (that came in mason jars!) or the delightful black and white silent movie playing on the wall that put stars in my eyes. all of this and we haven’t even gotten to the food yet.

their locally sourced menu changes daily, but i expect that every day is delectable. we started with a seasonal cheese and charcuterie plate, in which our knowledgeable but approachable waitress did not scoff us for mispronouncing the latter. then a beet and goat ricotta salad. yummers. followed by short ribs that fell off the bone, and sweet potato gratin. topped off with a chocolate torte that made me want to scream profanities in the restaurant (it was just too good for ladylike language). all paired with cocktails, (gin for me, whiskey for the boo) and fantastic red wine.

the bar has been set, and i’m glad these dates aren’t a contest, because i basically got my a handed to me on this one.

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