so last weekend the boo and i took a tour of the texas hills wineries. think pub crawl, but in a car, spanning 60 miles, with fancy cheeses, cured meats, and macaroons.

we hit eight wineries and had a blast. along the way we encountered a frenchman with a killer mustache and a love for texas women, a too-cool hipster who acted completely belabored when we asked where their grapes come from, a century old reclaimed farmhouse turned tasting room, miniature ponies, and one lovely mini donkey, and approximately 30 different wines (mostly reds).

texas wineries are just now starting to master their craft, but we’ll be reaping the benefits of this learning curve until they get it right. we even joined a wine club after meticulously shopping around (read: drinking).

p.s. being a wine club member means free tastings for you and your guests…


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