marinade serenade

these marinades are easy and tasty enough to evoke bursting into song. believe me, it happens often. but first, a little marinade 101:

:: always marinate in the fridge.
:: resealable bags are the way to go. easy to seal and easy to keep clean. however if you’re going to use a container, make sure it’s glass, stainless steel or ceramic and that you cover it.
:: steaks can marinate from 6-8 hours, and as long as overnight.

it’s always good to have a basic marinade recipe on deck. here’s ours:

red or white wine vinegar. olive oil. crushed garlic cloves. sea salt & fresh black pepper

from there, if you want to mix it up a little consider adding the following:

for a little asian flare: crushed red pepper. soy sauce (or hoisin). ground mustard. ground ginger. brown sugar or honey. sesame oil.

for a heartier marinade: worcestershire sauce. sliced onion. soy sauce. sugar. black coffee.

as a general rule, you can’t go wrong by mixing any combination of the following into the basic recipe: rosemary. thyme. lemon zest. ginger. honey. balsamic.


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