sxsw recap

so this is my first sxsw ever. weird right? in high school i opted out; my present self is thanking my 17-year old self for doing so, after seeing way too much teen angst walking the streets of downtown in middrift tops.

highlights include:

– being the boo of a food truck manager! i got the scoop on all the best spots and played my “i’m with the band” equivalent for food trucks. yum and yum and free.

– staying out til 4am. say what! it’s like adding an extra day to the weekend. however it’s not going to become a habit.

– witnessing just how insanely full of people downtown can get. it’s fascinating for about 20 minutes, then you’re like “hey dude, burn me with your cigarette and i will cut you.”

– introducing our seattle friends to tex-mex, ‘y’all’, and queso. it’s like watching a toddler take their first steps. such pride.

– live streams of shows! b.o.b. and t.i. killed it. i mean killed it. santigold and jay z weren’t half bad either.

-a rockin’ little duo who played a concert smack dab in the middle of sixth street. drums and guitar. add a slice of street pizza and you’ve got yourself a show. it’s like the flash mob of good music.

-finding sweet little sanctuaries downtown for the 25+ crowd to avoid the overabundance of skrillex and jello shots dominating the night life. the driskill bar wins for me. excellent drinks, comfy couches, and a bluegrass band to boot. second place goes to east side showroom for giving us respite from the madness of the east side.

all in all, a fantastic weekend.

did i mention we saw bill murray. yep. that happened.


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