close to closing

we are approximately 75 hours from closing on our house. and in the last 24 hours i’ve been hit with the mildly shocking reality of all it takes to buy a home. here’s how i saw this playing out:

monday morning: wake up. wear something cute so i can take a picture with the keys to our first home. drink coffee. buy a house.

who knew we had to line up homeowner’s insurance, pick a home warranty company, and crunch tons of numbers/get quote after quote looking for the best coverage. if you haven’t guessed it by now, i am clueless in the world of home ownership, but we finally have it all figured out (talk about down to the wire).

my pinterest boards are exploding in sweet anticipation of this home and i may or may not currently have a gigantic color wheel in my purse.

we are so fantastically thrilled to be so close to owning our first home. little sadie has no idea how epic this will be for her. her own yard and a doggie door to boot. monday cannot get here fast enough.

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2 thoughts on “close to closing

  1. hey stranger!

    congrats on the house (or soon to be house). Andrew and i just closed on our condo a few days ago and YES it’s a crazy drawn out scary expensive process!! let’s get together soon and share war stories.

    happy weekend!

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