a mini update to precede a bigger one.

today marks two* weeks since we actually moved into our new house. the popcorn has been removed from the ceiling (hallelujah) and the walls are painted in our colors of choice.

i’m generally the type to think i can do anything and do it well, but we decided to contract out the grunt work this time. and now that i see how fantastic everything looks, i’m so happy we did. not everything is meant for diy.

when we picked our paint colors, i literally had an entire pamphlet of different shades of white. i dreamt of paint chips at night.

we went with delicate white, hurricane, and little dipper.

but then little dipper turned out to be a little lavender. i absolutely cannot handle a purple bathroom, so with one last trip to the paint shop, we landed on ash essence. i love it.

more house updates to follow. i promise! i can’t seem to find where i packed my camera charger, thus no pictures yet.

*life happened and i never actually hit ‘publish’ on this post. ah well. better late than never.


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