so by my calculations we’re about half way through summer, but due to our school-packed schedules, the hubs and i had yet to embark on anything summer-like. no swimsuits, no sublime songs on loop…all kidding aside, this weekend we decided to skip town and experience 48 hours of pure summery fun.

we drove out to the lake house and had a pretty brilliant rotation of sleeping, sunbathing, swimming, drinking & eating. i officially have tan lines (my unofficial sign of summer) and have yet again confirmed at the ripe age of 27, that my swimming abilities are a step above the doggy paddle (my ace in the hole).

we thought sadie would go nuts with the water, but turns out she avoided the dock to the best of her abilities. we threw her in a few times, after which she would swim for about 10 seconds, get out and deliver a death stare of puppy expletives.

in the locklear/hyslop lake house tradition we watched the original james bond (getchu some sean connery) and the three amigos, which wasn’t nearly as racist as i expected it to be. wish i would’ve taken more pictures than the forced smiles above (we had just pulled up to the house and were ready for the water. plus i had to pee) but sometimes relaxation trumps all else.

this is definitely something we need to do more often.

One thought on “lake(house)

  1. “Death stare of puppy expletives!!” Hahaha. I love how descriptive (and likely accurate) this is. Glad y’all had fun and got some down time. Hugs and kisses, Stacy

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