sadie mae: nugget extraordinaire, age one.

our little sadie mae turned one this month, and yes of course, we threw her a party. as she’s no diva, we kept it low key – just a few pup friends, some pup cupcakes, and the humans were just along for the ride.

sadie ended up with some pretty swell new toys, in addition to two dog beds that she pretty much lives in now (who new at one year they start sleeping all the time?).

i can’t believe she’s a year already. i remember the day we picked up this sweet little pound pup:

her name was cindy brady then, but she knew she was meant for greater things…

jump forward to one successful year of being awesome.

she got her toys in the morning, when it was just family, and then patiently waited for her guests to arrive…

then frolicked, wrestled, and played bitey-face for the next few hours with truman, shelby, and oliver, while the parents drank, ate, and watched fantastic mr. fox.

by the day’s  end she was absolutely spent:

some things change, but those bat ears remain the same…


One thought on “sadie mae: nugget extraordinaire, age one.

  1. Oh, I missed my granddogter’s birthday!:( Happy Birthday, Sadie Mae! Did you know Lucie’s name was Cindy when we got her, too?!?

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