so at midnight i will be twenty eight years old. pretty neat huh? i know everyone is always dreading the impending age of 30, but why? we’re still babies if you ask me. i know i’ve got a lot of living and learning left to do and i’m actually thrilled about getting older. each year of life offers me countless opportunities to get to know myself better. for me at least, with age comes self-awareness, self-love, and a better ability to care for myself and be in the world without feeling the need to be anything other than little ol’ dani. so looking back at twenty-seven, i can say i learned a lot. here’s the year in review:

-i started grad school. crap, my courses are more about figuring my own mess out than anything else and i love that. this program has given me limitless lenses to see the world through and all in all i’d say it’s making me a better human. (and i got a’s this summer. yippee!)

-my dad beat cancer. let me repeat that, my dad is now going on a year of remission. what a feat. i have a new level of appreciation for my family, and through this experience i’ve seen many different sides of my papa, all of them beautiful and revealing about the standard of man that he is. i love him so much.

-we adopted sadie. the phrase ‘best decision of my life’ comes to mind but that even feels like an understatement. this pup means the world to us and we are delighted to call her our own each and every day. i still can’t believe we get the privilege to have her in our family.

-we bought a house. nuts. at times i can’t believe i’m a homeowner. we’ve only lived in this house for about 3 months now, but it feels so perfectly like home. i love it a little more each and every day and i think this home will be good to us.

so twenty seven, thanks for good times, and twenty eight, brace yourself, this spring chicken is a comin’ for ya.


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