the good stuff

occasionally i have those days where i feel completely bogged down by the state of the world (thanks npr). that was my friday. work was frustrating, colleges were getting bomb threats (don’t worry, my coworker and i made a game plan just in case), and parts of the world seemed to be on the brink of explosion. it may sound dramatic, but there are times where i am blindsided and completely affected by a story or event and it just eats away at me.  i don’t know these people, and my only window into their world is my morning commute to work, but their stories stuck with me all day. it brought on much larger concerns, that i won’t get into here, but i found myself questioning the stability of it all. by the time 5 o’clock rolled around i was done. ready to hole up in our house and never come out. i got home and crawled into bed. after about a hour of venting to an incredibly present husband and a delightfully frolicky pup, the tension seemed to dissipate and i realized that these two are my happy place and sometimes sort of restore my faith in everything. it doesn’t solve any of the problems that got me down in the first place, but it gives me the hope for something better, and the resolve not to ignore the tough stuff going on in the world. forgive the ‘dear diary’ tone of this, but i just gotta give props where props are due to the good stuff in life that keeps me centered.

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