had the pleasure of watching beginners last night and it was perfect in every way.  with its compelling and realistic characters, lovely shots and interiors, and excellent storytelling i found myself completely engulfed in this film. (not to mention the cast: melanie laurent, ewan mcgregor, and christopher plummer)

it was witty and odd in all the right moments, yet so tragic and truthful. not sure how it took me two years to stumble upon this, but i’m glad i did. i highly recommend it.

anna’s character had a very simplistic (yet somehow worldly) style about her…maybe it was the accent, but i was completely enamored with her. not until today did i realize why she looked so damn familiar. she must have a thing for iconic red dresses. hal’s character wore these fantastic neck scarfs. so dapper. beyond being an exquisite film, it’s splendid inspiration for fall. i’m ready to watch it all over again quite honestly.

(it’s also given me some inspiration for a new series of posts)



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