new shoes on

i’m considering a new shoe. normally this wouldn’t be blog-worthy news, but these ballet flats from linge are actually a modified ballet shoe, and not just like every other heelless shoe deemed a ‘ballet’ flat. i think i love them, but i’m not quite sure. linge red linge beige linge fuscia

the colors are great and they seem super functional. but i continuously run into the big foot dilemma, where i tell myself “yes dani these are cute in a size 5, but what happens to them in a size 11?” either they still maintain said level of cuteness or they instantly become clown shoes.

street linge

over the last six months i’ve found myself in the midst of a pretty intense obsession with barre and perhaps this plays a role in my wanting of such a shoe. p.s. ladies, if you haven’t been to a barre class, try it, you’ll never look back. coming from a sports background, ballet is such a challenge for me. the strength, grace and body awareness involved in barre workouts is unbelievable. i have mad respect for dancers.

anyone tried these puppies out? i’m also seeking opinions on the whole ‘barefoot’ shoe revolution that i’ve basically ignored since its inception. i’m all ears y’all.

photos from here.

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