shower (thinking) cap

i do my best thinking in the shower. maybe it’s because it’s one of the few times i’m alone with nothing to distract me. or maybe it’s because i take really long showers (sorry mother earth!)

anywho, while in the shower i was thinking about food (shocker) and the list of recipes and restaurants that i wanted to post about and then it hit me like a turkey leg to the face; why am i posting anything but food-related stuff? it’s basically my reason for getting up in the morning.

thus i’m embarking on a pilot project of predominately foodie posts. life and family updates will hang around on this blog, but i’m bidding adieu to just about everything else for a bit. let’s call it a new year’s project whaddaya say. you can find the new stuff here.


marinade serenade

these marinades are easy and tasty enough to evoke bursting into song. believe me, it happens often. but first, a little marinade 101:

:: always marinate in the fridge.
:: resealable bags are the way to go. easy to seal and easy to keep clean. however if you’re going to use a container, make sure it’s glass, stainless steel or ceramic and that you cover it.
:: steaks can marinate from 6-8 hours, and as long as overnight.

it’s always good to have a basic marinade recipe on deck. here’s ours:

red or white wine vinegar. olive oil. crushed garlic cloves. sea salt & fresh black pepper

from there, if you want to mix it up a little consider adding the following:

for a little asian flare: crushed red pepper. soy sauce (or hoisin). ground mustard. ground ginger. brown sugar or honey. sesame oil.

for a heartier marinade: worcestershire sauce. sliced onion. soy sauce. sugar. black coffee.

as a general rule, you can’t go wrong by mixing any combination of the following into the basic recipe: rosemary. thyme. lemon zest. ginger. honey. balsamic.