new shoes on

i’m considering a new shoe. normally this wouldn’t be blog-worthy news, but these ballet flats from linge are actually a modified ballet shoe, and not just like every other heelless shoe deemed a ‘ballet’ flat. i think i love them, but i’m not quite sure. linge red linge beige linge fuscia

the colors are great and they seem super functional. but i continuously run into the big foot dilemma, where i tell myself “yes dani these are cute in a size 5, but what happens to them in a size 11?” either they still maintain said level of cuteness or they instantly become clown shoes.

street linge

over the last six months i’ve found myself in the midst of a pretty intense obsession with barre and perhaps this plays a role in my wanting of such a shoe. p.s. ladies, if you haven’t been to a barre class, try it, you’ll never look back. coming from a sports background, ballet is such a challenge for me. the strength, grace and body awareness involved in barre workouts is unbelievable. i have mad respect for dancers.

anyone tried these puppies out? i’m also seeking opinions on the whole ‘barefoot’ shoe revolution that i’ve basically ignored since its inception. i’m all ears y’all.

photos from here.


cold snaps and tattoos

two things that are fantastic right now:

[one] we have been graced with cold weather and that is exciting.

[two (and more importantly)] austin had his first of many tattoo sessions, which is rad.

he’s been planning this sleeve for awhile now, and this was just the first of three sessions. (it’s his birthday & christmas gift this year) even without the shading i think it’s beautiful already.

i can’t stop looking at his arm, which is probably pretty annoying, but who can blame me?

the entire inspiration came from the book ‘goodnight moon’ which holds a lot of meaning for him so we’re thrilled it turned out so well. the rooster is my favorite part.

feelin’ romancy

maybe it’s because it’s february, but i’ve been oh so romancy lately. i don’t really buy into the whole valentine’s day hype, but i do keep an eye out for sweet little things this time of year. and there is nothing sweeter than these vintage hair pieces from the photos alone make me swoon. who is this model and where did she get that fantastic hair? i’d wear any of these here.

gosh i love redheads.

on him: a gift guide

we’ve decided not to do gifts this year on account of having absolutely no money. but, in an alternate universe somewhere where i make a sound living napping and watching imdb movie trailers, here’s what i’d be getting my man this year:

holiday soirée

it’s almost december folks. that means an assortment of holiday hangouts and festive buffoonery is on the horizon.

on our calendar for the next month is:

a birthday party (festive cocktail attire)

a wedding

a classy office party

a wild office party

the only words that come to mind when deciding what to wear to each of these are:

and when in doubt, accessorize your little black dress!

our first party is this weekend. i’ll be sure to share what i decide on!

lace: one.two.three. bold colors: one.two.three. sparkle: one.two.three. accessories.