anniversary shoot


remember when i told you that our good friend mackenzie did a wedding photoshoot at our house? well she has officially launched her website which means i can share some of my favorites with you:









for those of you looking for wedding photography rollinscole is where it’s at. mackenzie and mel are very loving and down to earth women who make even the most camera shy people (ahem, me) feel like royalty. she shot our wedding (almost 4 years ago!) and we couldn’t have been happier with the results (some of which you will find on their website).


playing dress up

our good pal mackenzie is about to launch a duo wedding photography company and needed some ‘models’ to get the ball rolling. she asked us and all i could hear was ‘you get to wear your wedding dress again’ so naturally i said yes.

the best part of this shoot was that it was in our house. i am the queen of awkward faces – if someone says ‘look sexy’ or ‘give me a little smile’ it usually results in a vacant stare or all out laughter. so doing the shoot at home made me so much more comfortable. plus kenz was the photographer at our wedding, so we know she’s good people and she can tolerate my less than graceful demeanor.

(the photos are lovely, but i cannot publicly share them yet. however as soon as she’s published them, i’ll share the link.)

home sweet home

last night was our first normal night back at home in our own bed. and boy was it nice. however i then awoke to the disaster state that is our house right now. laundry.dishes.wrapping paper.and luggage a plenty. ah well.

our holiday was wonderful and everything it should be. exhausting. hilarious. and filled with family. here are a few of the highlights from our trek which included, 36 family members, two states, two flights, and approximately twelve hours in the car.


i could go into how unique and fantastic each family christmas is, but who has the time to read all of that? for now, the highlights:

locklear family christmas: jim in a red flannel nightgown & the snow v. sadie feud.

day family christmas: my new christmas jammies & the blue bayou encore at the hootenanny.

hyslop family christmas: matching hoodies! and the pups all getting along. and seeing tony romo.

our lil’ christmas: the zilker tree. thoughtful and fantastic gifts.

miller family christmas: tex-mex delights. my dad’s famous margs. and a rousing game of sorry.

weekend happenings

waiting in line for ice cream

london fog. so cozy.

sweet sadie watching a squirrel

long weekends are the best when you skip the hubbub of black friday, and just decide to be lazy. i think we needed it. did i mention we watched season 5 of friday night lights marathon style? yep. that happened.

texas forever and hello to monday.