farewell friends!

hey gang. as you’ve probably noticed, my presence has been a bit spotty for the last, oh i dunno, year or so. that’s because i have an announcement to make… i’ve decided to take my talents to http://forageandfodder.com. trust me on this, it’s an upgrade, and i think you’ll love it.

this means that in exactly one month i’ll be deleting this blog from existence. it’s been fun, but let’s face it, we both can do better. visit my new blog and subscribe if you want to stay in touch.



won’t you be my neighbor?

the house across the street is for sale…

i dare somebody to do something about it.

it’s no secret that we’re pretty amazing neighbors.

we’re smart enough for intellectual convo…

we’ll get disproportionately excited for you when you have good news…

and we’re great party guests…

what’s not to love?

a mini update to precede a bigger one.

today marks two* weeks since we actually moved into our new house. the popcorn has been removed from the ceiling (hallelujah) and the walls are painted in our colors of choice.

i’m generally the type to think i can do anything and do it well, but we decided to contract out the grunt work this time. and now that i see how fantastic everything looks, i’m so happy we did. not everything is meant for diy.

when we picked our paint colors, i literally had an entire pamphlet of different shades of white. i dreamt of paint chips at night.

we went with delicate white, hurricane, and little dipper.

but then little dipper turned out to be a little lavender. i absolutely cannot handle a purple bathroom, so with one last trip to the paint shop, we landed on ash essence. i love it.

more house updates to follow. i promise! i can’t seem to find where i packed my camera charger, thus no pictures yet.

*life happened and i never actually hit ‘publish’ on this post. ah well. better late than never.

belated much?

(haha, yeah i meant to post this on february 15th and plumb forgot)

we stayed in last night and had an ah-maaaaaaa-zing dinner. i made garlicky brussel sprouts , and baked macaroni & cheese, and austin grilled up a rib eye and a tenderloin (which had been marinating since 8am) to perfection. and how great is this wine label?

we usually cook to music, so last night’s soundtrack was  etta james, louis armstrong and sam cooke (we may or may not have been doing the twist in the kitchen).

i’ll post our sides and marinade recipes later this week.

hope everyone felt loved yesterday.

making christmas

can you say decor on a budget? with travel plans, a new puppy, and low fundage we decided to forgo the christmas tree this year. however, austin put together this fantastic book tree for us which rivals last year’s yarn tree (we had just moved and had no furniture yet). the house feels so cozy right now!

honestly i’d always rather make than buy when it comes to the holidays. i’d have to say the homemade stockings are my favorite. made from vintage pillow cases and fabric from austin’s grandma. although making paper snowflakes can be quite therapeutic.

i still need to make little sadie a stocking, but by next year we’ll be settled and i plan on going all out.