we’ve spent the last few weeks working on a console to go behind our couch. it has been a hell of a project and i’m beyond proud to say that the finished product is all we’d hoped for and then some. we sort of love diy. and surprisingly, we’re not half bad at it either. we’re already looking for the next big project – which i think is going to be a dog house for lil’ miss sadie mae.

this was a multi-step project with a lot of planning behind it. we acquired some new skills (and some new tools) along the way and ultimately ended up with something custom that we absolutely love and never could have afforded at store prices, even on cyber monday.

first cut down a nicely sized branch from any neighborhood tree.

tree limb

just kidding. this is just austin working on the massive branch that fell out of our dying tree in the front yard. (arbor neglect i know) we just used the cheapo white wood from home depot and then picked 3 different but complimentary stains to add a little bit o’ dimension.


this is not a difficult project, but it is most certainly a tedious one. there is a fair amount of detailed planning, and the staining itself can take awhile. have a friend to share the load when things get annoying. and music. and beer.


measuring is the single most important part of this project. if there were ever a time to be exact, it’s in getting your wood cut. home depot will cut it to size for free (yay) but don’t just assume it’s right. we got home with 8 pieces of mismatched sizes. so now i’m on those orange aprons like white on rice. for reals.


once it’s stained, sealed (important if you want to set drinks on it) and has dried for at least 24 hours. bring that sucker in! we used this as our starting point, but altered some of the design aspects to make it work better for us.

now on to some strategic accompaniment aka some family pictures and perhaps a lamp.